Planning a Content Day

Content Days are some of our favorite days at Red Toque! They are planned mornings or afternoons where we meet up with our clients to create and capture images and videos that fulfill their content needs! The team at Red Toque Creative schedules a Content Day once per month in order to collect fresh images and videos for our social media channels, website, marketing materials, and blogs! Below are a few tips when it comes to planning a successful Content Day! 

Before the Content Day:

Before our content day even begins, we create a list of the content ideas that we are wanting to capture during our time together.

  1. Firstly, we consider the long-term plan and how to best use our time together. We do this to ensure we are creating evergreen content that can be used for the coming months.
  2.  Secondly, we consider the time of year. Are there any holidays coming up? Do we have an event coming up? Is there a blog we need to consider? We can plan your content day strategically around an event or holiday to capture some special timely content as well as evergreen content.

On the Day of:

  1. When arriving at the Content Day location, if we know we will be featured in the content, we make sure to show up looking our best and ready to be photographed! We also usually bring a change of clothing to switch up the look of the images.
  2. We create a schedule broken down by the hour or half-hour, to focus on capturing certain pieces of content. This way we can ensure we will capture all of the content we planned for.
  3. We always bring props to our shoots, items like a phone, laptop, coffee cup or notebook, and pen allow the person being photographed to have something in their hands which allows them to feel more comfortable in the front of the camera. 
  4. At the end of our content creation process, we will verbally go over all the content we captured during our time together to make sure we have captured everything we set out to.

Need Content Day inspiration? Check out our Red Toque Creative Content Day board on Pinterest here!

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About the Author:

Emma is working at Red Toque Creative as a Digital Marketing Specialist. ✨ She recently graduated from Royal Roads University with a degree in Professional Communications. Working at Red Toque Creative has allowed Emma to expand her skill set in the digital world as she helps her clients reach their social media goals. With her background in Psychology, Emma is passionate about Mental Health. 🧠 She is also an avid horseback rider, dog lover and hiker! 🌲
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