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The human body is an intricate machine. And just like other machines, its batteries need recharging.

How do we do this? One way is through sleep. Sleep reenergizes our cells, supports learning and memory, and regulates our mood, appetite and libido. Without good sleep we turn into zombies.

Another way to recharge our batteries is to play. Yes, adults need to play. Why? So that they can experience the benefits of increased creativity, productivity, and well being. Also it’s not working, it’s fun and it feels good. I like dancing, painting and playing board games. What’s one thing you do simply for the pure enjoyment of it?

Even just taking quick walk outside to boost blood flow to your brain or spending a few moments focusing on your breath instead of your computer screen can give you a mini recharge throughout the day.

Take a Load Off

If you are feeling like your day has been go-go-go, you’ve been moving from one project to the next and you haven’t had time to think or come up for air, take a load off. Lie on the couch or relax in your chair with your eyes closed and let your mind wander. Give your neurons a break- relaxing like this helps to reduce stress and actually increase alertness. A quick rest like this can boost mental clarity and enhance your productivity.


Most smartphone users feel like they couldn’t go a day without their phone, but there are major benefits to powering down your electronic devices. Push notifications can be distracting, and they’ve been known to have a negative effect on mood. Although there are many benefits to connecting with a community online, spending time on social media can often makes us feel envious and lonely, and gives many people FOMO. A lot of us are heavy phone users and many of us are addicted to using our phones. The only way to really find out how much your smartphone is a controlling influence on your life is to turn it off. So try turning it off- maybe just for an hour each day, or for a full day on the weekend. Reap the benefits of engaging purely in solitude or direct human to human interaction, and give your brain a break.

The Magic of Vacation

Taking time off to travel to new places gets you out of your comfort zone and can help boost creativity. Travelling often gives you a fresh perspective on your relationships and what really matters to you in your life. This is the magic of travelling! The magic of vacation is that you actually have time to think and process ideas- being away from work is where I get most of my ideas to try when I get back.

Get Inspired

If you want to be more creative and productive at work, take scheduled breaks, get out into nature, and take time off- go on vacation, travel the world. Your brain needs downtime to rest, explore thoughts, and to come up with innovative ideas. Also it just feels good to take a break!

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