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What first comes to mind when we think of social media for business is marketing a product or a service. As important as social media is for your customer’s experience, it’s also an integral part of your employee’s experience.

Employee experience encapsulates what people encounter, observe or feel over the course of their employee journey at an organization. This starts with how they experience your company before they even consider working for you, to after they resign or retire. A big part of that experience is your employer brand.

Solidify Your Employer Brand

It is crucial to develop a consistent and coherent employer brand. Your employer brand encompasses your company’s reputation as a place to work, and the value proposition you bring to your employees. Developing a consistent tone and voice in your writing, and creating media and visuals that showcase your company identity.

Find Your Audience

Invest your time on the platform where your audience lives. Are your employees skilled professionals? Then find potential candidates on LinkedIn. Is your team comprised of designers? Get your company on Behance. If your crew are general labourers- get on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t bother wasting time on platforms where you can’t connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Share Company Culture

What’s it like to work at your company? Why would your employees recommend that someone take a job with you? Poll your employees to discover what your employee value proposition is. What makes you unique and special as an employer? Gather this data and use it to theme your photoshoots, job ads, social bios, and company videos.

Tell Your Story Through Video

Video is the best and quickest way to effectively communicate what you do and connect with potential employees that share the values that your company holds. Videos are 12 times more likely to be watched than text is to be read. So don’t waste time, invest in professional videos and photography- it will pay off twelve fold!

Involve Every Employee

Your employees are the best brand ambassadors you will ever have! Invite them to share their work experience, share new posts, and engage with your company social media channels. Send out a social media guide or policy so that everyone knows what behaviour is acceptable and what is not acceptable when engaging with or talking about your company online.

Your online presence is simply a reflection of what you’re doing offline. It’s easy to find incredible candidates when you show the world why your company is an awesome place to work by sharing your brand’s story online.

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