Do you ever find yourself scrolling on Instagram and wondering “How do people manage to get their social media pages to look so beautiful?” or “How do they find time to take all of these photos?” and finally, “How the heck can my Instagram look like this?!” You’re definitely not alone.

You can definitely see the stand out pages that are doing photography for social media right, beautifully edited images with a visually consistent aesthetic. The big question is, how do these businesses have time to take beautiful photos and how can you do the same?

Check out these five tips to get you on the path to a more cohesive social media photography strategy.

Plan Your Shoot

  • Prepare a shot list so you can maximize your time and ensure you have the images you will need.

Make Time

  • Set aside time to capture your images, figure out a schedule you can stick too so you can make sure you’re consistent.

Keep it Cohesive

  • Great Instagram accounts almost always have a similar theme and style. Find your style and stick to it! Choose a preset or filter and use it as a guideline to edit all your photos. Not only will this keep your account looking cohesive, but it will also save you time.

Spice It Up

  • Add objects and people to your images to spice them up and keep them interesting. Make sure you’re showcasing a variety of portraits, close-ups, landscapes and abstract images on your feed. The type of account you have will vary what type of images you should share.

Be Present

  • Sometimes unappealing objects can sneak their way into the background of your images. When taking photos for your feed, survey the area that will be in your image and remove any unappealing pieces in the background. Make sure your image looks complete, and your subject is clearly in focus. There’s nothing worse than a great photo being ruined by an object that should have been moved.

With a concrete plan, some careful preparation and execution you should be on the way to the Instagram feed of your dreams! Want more tips on how to keep your Instagram looking fresh? Subscribe to our newsletter!

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